LCFF state priorities and related data elements


The following summary of LCFF state priorities and related data elements is provided by WestEd. Please find the original document here

Pupil achievement 

  • Performance on statewide standardized tests.
  • Score on Academic Performance Index.
  • Share of pupils that meet the requirements for entrance to the University of California and the California State University or complete career technical education sequences or programs.
  • Share of English learners that become English proficient.
  • English learner reclassification rate.
  • Share of pupils that pass Advanced Placement exams with 3 or higher.
  • Share of pupils determined prepared for college by the Early Assessment Program. 

Pupil engagement 

  • School attendance rates.
  • Chronic absenteeism rates.
  • Middle school dropout rates.
  • High school dropout rates.
  • High school graduation rates.

Other pupil outcomes 

  • Other indicators of pupil performance in required areas of study. 

School climate

  • Pupil suspension rates.
  • Pupil expulsion rates.
  • Other local measures. 

Parental involvement

  • Efforts to seek parent input.
  • Promotion of parental participation. 

Basic services

  • Rate of teachers appropriately assigned and fully credentialed.
  • Pupil access to standards-aligned instructional materials.
  • Facilities maintained in good repair. 

Implementation of state standards

  • Implementation of State Board of Education-adopted academic content and performance standards for all pupils, including English learners. 

Course access

  • Pupils access and enrollment in all required areas of study. 

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