Thinking of becoming an ACSA member? Hear from our members


Want to stay up to date on the most relevant and important education administration conversations? Follow in the footsteps of the state’s most proactive administrators and advance your career with ACSA's events and member services.

ACSA provides benefits, mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to those school and district leaders who care about closing education gaps, contributing to their professional network, and advocating for local and national issues.

With an ACSA membership ($2 a day or less), you will join energizing events that are designed to inspire, build community, and introduce new skills to administrators of all levels. ACSA conferences are platforms where forward-thinking administrators share their best solutions to pertinent topics as well as everyday challenges. ACSA’s professional development programs are a great source of in-depth best practices as well as results-oriented training sessions on topics ranging from equity, special education, and school climate to personal psychology, improving presentation skills, and sharpening leadership tactics.

Check out ACSA’s unique member discounts, including free financial planning, legal assistance, auto and home insurance, reputation management, discounted flights, and more.

Hear what ACSA members are saying:

“ACSA supports me… keeping me informed on critical and emerging issues. I always look forward to reading EdCal and other informational pieces; advocating for important changes in our field and at the legislative level; and executing useful, productive conferences… an effective forum for networking and sharing concerns with colleagues. Earlier in my career, I called the ACSA office for advice on key issues and found the support and expertise from staff to be incredibly helpful. This is still an important service for administrators.”

“ACSA has always provided me with professional development opportunities and a network of forward thinking educators from whom to learn. I have participated in several academies and taken on leadership roles at the county, regional and state levels of ACSA. Although I am new to my current position, I will continue to reach out to my ACSA colleagues when I am confronted by new and unique challenges.”

“ACSA always has very timely and appropriate topics in their workshops and trainings. The professional development they provide is helpful and applicable to continue to provide equitable education to students. I truly enjoy the updates on current legislation and the narrative that occurs around how it affects schools and children.”

“I have been validated regarding the much needed and intentional work to support all students and particularly those who are underserved when in committee with the other Equity Reps throughout the state of California. Through Equity Committee, we have committed to the professional growth and development of school leaders to ensure the Equity focus extends far and wide into our classrooms and on our campuses which is where it is needed.”

“ACSA has been and always will be like a family to me. I have never had more support in my career then the time I spent as a legislative advocate and then governmental relations director for ACSA. It was the best 13 years of my career. I loved serving school administrators so they could do their jobs with greater insight and knowledge regarding the public policy issues impacting them. I loved assisting and supporting school administrators to become advocates, to lobby state and federal officials, to take brave positions on the issues of the day.”

ACSA currently serves over 18,000 California educators, publishes content, and honors its exceptional members with annual awards. Our one-on-one mentorship program is free to members. You can read more about ACSA’s priorities here and check out ACSA benefits here.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our world-class conferences, personal development events, certification and training courses, legislative action day, and other networking opportunities.

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