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Basic services means ensuring all students have access to teachers who are fully credentialed in their subject areas, instructional materials aligned with state standards, and safe, properly maintained school facilities. Research shows when students are provided with these basic tools, student learning outcomes increase as if they had 30 days more of instructional time.

The measures of basic services the state expects your district to report:

  • The number of teachers who are appropriately assigned and fully credentialed in their subject area, and the number of vacant teaching positions
  • The number of students who don’t have their own copies of instructional materials aligned with state standards
  • The number of school facilities that are not in good repair.

These same measures are also required to be reported at the school level in School Accountability Report Cards. 

Key questions to ask about basic services:

  1. Is instruction provided by highly qualified teachers in all subject areas? Do we provide ongoing professional development to retain and recruit teachers? What effective strategies can we use to attract more highly qualified teachers and staff?
  2. Do our students use current textbooks and relevant materials aligned to state standards and do they have access to a quality computer? How can we ensure that all students get up-to-date materials on time, including those who enroll later in the school year? 
  3. Are all of our school facilities, including libraries, fitness equipment and playgrounds, in working order? In what ways can we improve our facilities and equipment to benefit the physical and emotional health and safety of all students?
  4. How are we improving or increasing services for foster youth, low-income youth and English Language Learner students in the area of basic school services?
  5. How are parents from all neighborhoods engaged in developing goals to improve basic school services? Do we effectively communicate with parents on our challenges and solutions with regard to facilities, textbooks and teachers? What is our plan going forward to improve communication and strengthen family-school partnerships in this area?

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Find out how your school and district are meeting this state priority: 

  • See the official report at 
  • Check out your local school district’s website to find School Accountability Report Cards and the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan. 

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