Equity and inclusion survey user guide

October 17, 2019 ACSA Partner

This Flipbook is provided to ACSA by Panorama Education, an ACSA Partner4Purpose

Districts and schools across the country are increasingly focused on creating school communities that ensure equity and foster inclusion. More than ever, specific and measurable goals around equity and inclusion are at the core of district strategic planning and priorities.

In Panorama’s work with thousands of schools across the country, we’ve seen districts track achievement gaps, discipline disproportionality, and the diversity of the student population to understand and improve equity and inclusion on campus.

Although these metrics are important, they leave out a critical perspective: What are students’ perceptions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in school? Student voice is a powerful indicator of how schools are doing on the journey to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments. Without it, schools cannot truly benchmark their progress towards ensuring that each and every student feels included and equipped to succeed in school.

Panorama has developed survey questions contained in this user guide to help schools collect this vital information. To learn more about measuring equity and inclusion, please visit the Panorama website.

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